During my studies in textile design I explored ceramics through a masters sculpting program, leading me to specialize in this medium. 
Since then, I have been working as a freelance artist and designer, contributing to various projects and installations and primarily serving as an artist assistant in production for different artists based in Cologne, Berlin and Stockholm. 
Currently, I live and work in Cologne, where I teach ceramics sculpting and work in my own studio.

My artistic practice is located between design and art where I cross over various media, such as textiles and ceramics.

I typically engage with organic shapes, vibrant color palettes and contrasting materialities, with a specific focus on sculpting the connection between the opposing elements of textiles, graphic design, paper cuts and ceramics.
Manipulating shapes through cutting, compressing, and stretching, along with considering negative space, are crucial aspects of my work. 
I playfully experiment with "hard and soft" materials to create distinct contrasts and textures. In certain pieces, I layer different materials to achieve both visual and textural effects. Coloration is achieved through various glazes, engobes, and metal salt solutions, enhancing specific textures or forms.
Adopting a serial approach in my work, 
I strive for harmonious results through ongoing experimental efforts.

Photo by Michelle Geist, 2022